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Gratitude Fuels Results

This journey is not a straight line. But there is gratitude in the progress we're making. We have the processes and guidance necessary to meet our objectives.

NOW team Jack admires a memorial wall

The last face to face with our financial advisor, Amber, went very well. I was able, for the first time, correlate the process with actual results. Sure enough, she was able to show debt decreasing by % points and see savings increase by $ amounts. Being exposed to real results makes this process feel even more gratifying. As I’ve said in the past, looking at things on paper provides motivation to not only continue, but surpass previous results.

We encountered a hiccup in our aggressive plans, as Laura is currently between jobs. With Ambers help we were able to re-strategize. Amber painted us a clear picture for the upcoming weeks and made us feel very comfortable during an uncomfortable transition. Laura and I have talked in extent about how fortunate we are to be in the midst of the NOW program during this season of change. We both agree that we would have been lost, struggled, and stressed had it not been for the education and excellent guidance the NOW program and Amber have provided us with. This hiccup only enhanced our goals and our vision for the future. We understand the processes necessary to meet our objectives. Participating together makes it both enjoyable and reassuring.

The immediate focus is clearing some smaller balances completely, before we move to tackle the few high balance accounts. We have also addressed specific savings for Christmas, which will keep the season relatively stress free. The other primary focus is to continue to contribute to the savings account. Something I’ve not done consistently, ever.

The next BLOG, I should be able to articulate more about our debt reduction, which is gratifying to watch and see.

Jack gives an update on his debt reduction as he navigates the NOW program.

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