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Budgeting in Communerosity

We're budgeting in more than just finances this month. Finding ways to connect to our community through time and donations is the goal.

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This past month we stayed committed to ourselves with our budget and with getting involved with the community and our goal is to do the same for December. With only December and January left in this program, we are getting near the end, but have ZERO intentions of ever going back to our old lifestyle.

Success takes hard work and our entire family really has put in the work to reduce debt, save money, get involved with the community, and learn good financial habits.

For December our goals are to stick to our Christmas budget, get involved in the community even more, and really set ourselves up to start the New Year off on a positive note. We are now down to only 4 debts and 1 vehicle which is amazing progress from where we started. After December we will only have 2 debts and 1 vehicle payment which is awesome progress. We have learned to be patient with ourselves and that any progress is progress!

Big shout out to all of our friends and family who helped us collect pop tabs to donate to the Ronald McDonald house in the month of November. It was great to see everyone come together for such a great cause and it felt good to give back to our community!
We hope each of you has a great holiday season and an awesome New Year!

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