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Christmas Club VIPs

It's one thing to have goals, it's another to meet them... and when the Patroni family exceeds their own expectations, they realize anything is possible! A Christmas Club miracle.

“We completed so much more than our original goals…”

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November and part of December have really paid off for the Patroni family. We have learned so much throughout the NOW Program from PenAir. This month we will pay off our last bit of debt with the car and we will still contribute to our savings. Our Christmas Club account made it easier for us to manage our spending in 2020. The kids also worked on making Christmas cards for our troops overseas, learning that not everyone can be home for Christmas while serving our country.

With the car being paid off, we no longer have any small debt or loans other than our mortgage. We feel with the debts being gone, we have won this program even if we don’t win in the end. Our financial advisor, Sarah, has done a great job with helping us budget while paying off everything we wanted, and even more by contributing to savings. Our 3 kids also have savings accounts that we are still contributing to as well.

The Christmas Club account has worked well for us. By mid-December we had already completed our shopping using the money we contributed throughout the year. We have already moved the remaining amount towards next year’s Christmas. This made spending and managing the budget for Christmas and our monthly finances much easier having this already set aside when the time came to shop for our families.

We also donated toys through PenAir at the Pace Branch. With having some of our money available after Christmas shopping, we loved being able to help those who weren’t as fortunate to have something to open this year. The kids loved making Christmas cards for the troops who weren’t home, and they had some friends come over to join them since we have a lot of military families in our neighborhood.

We will continue to make savings contributions and stick to our budget. We can’t thank Sara, our financial advisor, and PenAir enough for choosing our family to be a part of this program. The Now Program has changed our lives for the better. We have completed so much more than our original goals of paying off all of our small debt (2 cars, 2 credit cards, student loans). We never thought to save the amount we have for emergencies, which has come in handy already. Being able to teach the kids to save and give back to our community has also been really great.

Thank you so much for following the Patroni Family.

-Hugh Patroni

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