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Growing Our Faith in Financing

The Gant family continues to grow their faith in financing while making huge leaps in their occupation status, credit score, and more!

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This Month as been the most interesting to say the least. Finances started off a bit rough this month as I was transitioning from working a second side job to focusing more on my primary job. I had to wait until additional income from my primary job started coming in so that I could resume my scheduled savings. Well as “faith” would have it, an unexpected blessing allowed me to not only replenish what I had to use in my savings but also enabled me to start a certificate of deposit. I am truly grateful that this unexpected blessing came in when it did.

I also noticed a mega increase in my credit score once again! The Balance Pro webinars discussed some of the important factors for purchasing a home, and having a great credit score would ensure that not only can I reach this goal, but I will be able to do so with a home loan that didn’t come with a high interest rate that is associated with credit scores in the high-risk category. The credit card that I was able to obtain a few months ago has been very helpful in this matter. The lessons suggest no more than 30% credit usage but I am playing it safe with around 3 -10% usage. I wait until the bill comes in then I pay the balance in full, wait a week or so and then use it again for something like gas and one of my reoccurring bills. This method is actually working coupled with continuing to pay my auto loan on time. Currently, student loans are on hold but I pay those on time as well. The next thing I have to be careful of is applying for those tempting credit card offers from Amazon and Lane Bryant. “We will give you $100 credit if you are approved for our special rate credit card…” So convincing, I know, but I have to stay strong and think of my credit. Apostle Gooden, Jr. told me that “…once you get your credit to where you want it to be, you will guard it more carefully because you will understand the importance of your credit.” I am not where I want to be at this time, but I am much closer to my goal than I was before I started this journey, and I have definitely become more cognizant as to what I do and how it will affect my credit.

The last thing I wanted to share about this interesting and amazing month is that because I have become more financially conscious, I was able to re-start my business. I was able to use the income from this business to improve and upgrade my equipment, and sustain the business costs with the revenue from the business. I have tried a few times before in the past, but because my personal finances at that time were not in order, I was not able to maintain the finances of the business.

With the lessons I am learning with the NOW program, through my advisor, Amber Vickers, lessons from my spiritual leaders, and lessons from my natural parents, I am able to find myself in a more stable place financially, spiritually, and mentally. You would be amazed at how much peace comes with being financially stable. Am I were I want to be? Not yet, but I am much closer today than I was at the beginning of the year and the start of this program. My financial faith has grown and has been restored. Not just my faith in finances, but faith in God that he has guided me me to the right place, at the right time, with the right program and people for this amazing opportunity and purpose.

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