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Hard Work Pays Off For The Riders

The Riders have some BIG news. Hear how their work is paying off, learn about some upcoming obstacles and get a sense of their plan for financial freedom.

A family of four all look at the same picture

Hi everyone! We wanted to pop in and give you an update on all our hard work for September…. and it’s a BIG ONE!

WE PAID OFF OUR CAR!!! We are so excited about this accomplishment. The title even arrived in the mail last week – which was the BEST piece of mail to open! We met with our NOW Advisor, Savana, shortly after and came up with a game plan on how best to allocate that “extra money” into our financial goals.

One challenge we are currently facing is Jennifer being out of work for the next couple of weeks as she recovers from surgery. We plan to tighten our budget for the rest of September and all of October to make up for this loss of income. Thankfully, paying off the car helps a lot!

Bayleigh’s dance convention season is getting ready to start. These are all-day dance classes taught by different well-know choreographers from around the country. She enjoys these classes and learns a tremendous amount, but they are expensive. She is currently making shirts for fall and football shirts in addition to earrings to pay for September’s convention. We are so proud of how hard she is working.

Golf Season has started for both Bella and Bayleigh. And the whole family is looking forward to some cooler temperatures so we can get back out and play disc golf together!

Thanks for continuing to cheer us along! We are focused and working hard toward our goals!

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