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Redirecting Focus For Team Manson

September brought a chance to redirect our focus to decreasing debt and curbing spending. Follow along and see how we're cutting our spending!

A family of four pets two dogs while sitting outdoors

Lately, our focus has been working toward paying down credit card debt. Our monthly spending calendar we created with our NOW Financial Advisor, Andrea, has really kept us on track. It’s also provided the girls a good idea of where and how much money is dedicated to bills each month.

We’ve also concentrated on redirecting our family activities to those that don’t require spending money. For example, family trips to the dog park so the dogs can play with their friends. We’ve enjoyed walking around downtown Milton and even had a picnic down by the water, complete with a homemade lunch. There has also been a surge in movie nights and cooking from home instead of opting to eat out.

Like so many others, Covid has hit our household and we’re finding ourselves quarantined. As a result, some of our activities have been put on hold, like the girls earning extra money through babysitting. The silver lining is we are also saving a little money being home together.

Keep following along as life keeps on throwing curve balls. We’re not giving up – we’re determined to get out of debt!


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