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Here’s to the New Financial Year

We are very close to where we want to be with paying off our debt. We already started looking at the 2023 and making a financial plan, way in...

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This journey has been quite the ride but we would be crazy to say it has not been rewarding!

In December we wanted to focus more on our savings, and we did just that! We are very close to where we want to be with paying off our debt, so we started shifting more of our unallocated funds to savings and it has been rewarding watching that number grow!

In this last month of the NOW program, we are focusing heavily on saving but most importantly we have already started looking at the rest of the year and putting things in our budget WAY in advance.

I am really proud of the kids, myself and John. All of us have really taken this lifestyle adjustment seriously and started living a life that does not involve money stress. It has been rewarding to hear our kids compete amongst each other on who has the most money saved. We are very proud of them for saving some of the money they received for Christmas, which is tough to do as a kid!!

We appreciate everyone who has supported us in this journey. We appreciate Kate for all of her support, guidance, and some months just a listening ear! We look forward to 2023 financially and can’t wait to see what our family achieves!

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