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Planning Ahead Saves

Half way through the program and we're definitely feeling more prepared. Planning ahead and saving got us through when unexpected expenses showed up.

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As always, the world likes to throw things at you every now and again and in October we had a pretty significant event that we had to pay for that cost us $875.00. It was nice to know we had the funds to cover the unexpected expense, got the problem resolved, and it did not drastically affect our day to day living.

October came with more family and friends birthdays and of course Halloween. Being able to budget and plan ahead for costumes and have the extra money to spend on gifts was nice and rewarding for our family. As we continue to pay off debt, we are excited to look at our projected budget through the end of the year and into next year and see that we will only have two major debts to tackle (we did have 13)!

For the next month coming up, we are excited to partner with Kate in collecting pop tabs to donate to the Ronald McDonald house of NWFL. The power of social media is awesome and we have decided that with our busy schedules, that is a great way for us to get involved in the community and still keep up with 4 kids and their activities.
We are so thankful for this opportunity and while it may not be as easy as we thought, it’s so very rewarding and like they say, nothing worth having comes easy!

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