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The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins for the Patroni family. See what they've been learning (and saving) since their first meeting with their NOW Advisor.

Budgeting Basics and Action Plans

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Like many families, our wish is to one day be debt free, to stop living paycheck to paycheck, to stop counting how many days left until payday, to stop praying that our account doesn’t get overdrawn or our cards get declined. My husband and I are beyond blessed to have three beautiful children, a nice house, and nice cars. Along with that comes a hefty mortgage, large car payments, and mounting bills. We have spent too long paying all our debts while having absolutely nothing in savings.

The fact is that we have had no money set aside for emergencies for our entire adult lives. We don’t have savings for our kids’ future, and we definitely don’t have extra money to spend on things we want for our family. For these reasons, I signed my family up to enter the NOW contest with PenAir. Getting the call that we were selected as a family to participate was the best news we could receive. We are committed to working hard to change our financial future and truly believe that working with our NOW advisor, Sara Fletcher, is going to make our dreams a reality. Since the program kickoff, we have been able to meet with Sara to go over our spending habits and debts to make a game plan towards becoming a financially secure, debt-free family.

Sara has given our family a wake-up call by showing us just how much money we have wasted on dining out, overspending on groceries, and unnecessary online shopping. She has given us realistic budgets and a plan of action on debt payoff. So far, we have been able to finish paying off my husband’s car, a credit card, and one of my many student loans. With Sara’s guidance we have also opened Level UP youth savings accounts for each of our children as well as a Christmas Club account. We are beyond ecstatic at the progress we have been able to make in such a short time.

The Patroni family cannot thank PenAir enough for giving us this amazing opportunity to change our lives for the better. We hope that other families like us can learn from our mistakes and cheer us on as we work toward our brighter future.

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