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Volunteering in the Community

This month, we spent time volunteering with Foodraising Friends in Milton. Giving time with this organization makes an impact by helping feed hungry students.

A family of four and their two dogs take a walk.

On our last blog, we talked about COVID hitting our house. As you can imagine, that put some activities and work on hold for the girls. Thankfully, we’re all back up and running now.

This month, we volunteered at the Foodraising Friends in Milton with our NOW Advisor, Andrea and her family. Foodraising Friends is a program that was founded by a teacher that taught Pre-K in East Milton. She found out that there were a lot students going hungry in her area. When she asked if there was anything that could be done to help, the answer she got was “nothing”. Instead of taking no as the answer, she started writing grants to the state and was rewarded with monies to start a program that helps feeds students in our community. While volunteering, our families got to plant a vegetable garden, bagged food to go to hungry students as well as New Orleans’ hurricane relief fund.

We recently took a small personal loan out that paid all our credit cards but one. The personal loan will help save on interest and monthly minimum payments.

We are finding more ways to save money, not just for short term, but for the long road ahead.

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