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Achieving Our Financial Freedom

With our biggest financial goal checked off, we're moving down the list and one step closer to our financial freedom! Find out where we're focusing next.

Happy Fall, Y’all!

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We are still plugging along with our financial journey, and last month we hit one of our biggest goals – we paid off the car! (We are still very excited about that.) Now, we’re using the money that would have gone toward the car payment to pay off some smaller credit card debt.

Our next focus is refinancing our mortgage. Thanks to Savana, we found out that we could save over $30,000 in interest by switching to a 15-year loan at a lower interest rate with a home loan from PenAir. We will also use a little bit of that money to finish up the last of our Hurricane Sally repairs. It’s a relief to be able to get that finished! (Check out the Mortgage section of the PenAir Voice for helpful information on buying, renovating, refinancing and more!)

The kids are still going strong with their projects. Bayleigh is crazy busy making shirts! She has had a ton of orders, and she feels like she will be able to pay for her October dance convention fees on her own – what a huge blessing! Bella is scheduling some Free Fall Family Funday activities. We are looking forward to seeing what adventures she has planned for us!

We are all looking forward to our Veteran’s Park cleanup where our family will join Savana’s families! We love serving our community with friends!

Until next time!

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