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Planning Ahead Saves
Half way through the program and we're definitely feeling more prepared. Planning ahead and saving g...
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Gratitude Fuels Results
This journey is not a straight line. But there is gratitude in the progress we're making. We have th...
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Birthdays on a Budget
Birthdays come around once every year. So how do you celebrate your loved one while not blowing up y...
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Debt Reduction is Paying Off
We have made it through another month! We are really excited to see our savings account go up and ou...
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Don’t Pay Yourself First
It's a hard realization to have, that you've been functioning poorly financially. Follow along as we...
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Talking Expenses + A Family of 6
We're talking about where our money goes. From birthdays to sports registration, and back to school ...
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Communication vs Collections
During financial hardships, do you answer the collector's call or send to voicemail? Crystal says th...
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Slashing Debt
We are starting where we are and working to build a brighter future, for myself and my kids. That st...
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Financial Health Is the Goal
We have done a lot of prep for this financial adventure. Follow along as we prepare and overcome lif...
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