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Establishing Goals and Budgets
Follow along as I try to establish budget vs. savings vs. bills vs. disposable income. It's sure to ...
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Our Financial Journey & The Road To NOW
Despite life's setbacks, this program gave us the tools we needed to successfully plan our financial...
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NOW & Then – How Far Have We Come?
We've arrived at our final update! We've paid off our vehicle, numerous credit cards, and refinanced...
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It’s the Financial Countdown!
We're nearing the end of our financial journey. We've successfully eliminated all our debt! Learned ...
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Volunteer Work to Wrap-up 2021
Partaking in Communerosity® projects has been a wonderful addition to our lives. We've made some gr...
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Goals & Giving During the Holiday Hustle
The Rider family looks forward to a Christmas season with hearts ready for giving while keeping thei...
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Stuffing Our Savings This Holiday Season
It's the season of giving - and we're revving up to put as much money into our retirement as we poss...
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Advisor Update on the Manson’s Journey
Here, Andrea, the Manson's advisor, shares a mid-competition update. Now Advisors play a critical ro...
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The Wooton’s Journey According to Katelyn
We hit the ground running when the competition first started. NOW the Wooton's are coming to the tou...
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