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Goals & Giving During the Holiday Hustle

The Rider family looks forward to a Christmas season with hearts ready for giving while keeping their eyes on their goals.

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As we move from turkey to tinsel, the Rider family look forward to a Christmas season with our hearts ready for giving. Recently I was given the opportunity to serve at Graham Creek Nature Preserve in Foley. The preserve provides a place for our community to enjoy the outdoors through walking trails, bird watching, kayak launching, public archery park and even disc golf. It provides a lot of free entertainment for our family and to countless others. We will likely go see their Christmas in the park sometime soon.

Saving and paying off debt has been our top priority through our NOW journey. However, we like to share our blessings with others through our time in serving or giving to others.

As the bill payer of the family, this season is especially tough for me. Jennifer is great at taming the money Grinch in me because she and the girls are blessed with giving hearts. We have done our due diligence to save into our Christmas clubs throughout the year which makes me feel a lot better. We plan on, hopefully, staying within budget with our Christmas spending this year.

Goals & Giving During the Holiday Hustle

Next on the goal tracker:

  • getting some well overdue repairs done on the house
  • maintenance on our vehicles

Luckily not having a car payment anymore is allowing us to be prepared for this.

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