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Eight First-Time Home-Buying Mistakes to Avoid
There are so many parts to the homebuying process that it is easy to understand why even the most pr...
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How to Choose Between an Adjustable Rate and Fixed Rate Mortgage
There’s more to figuring out how much home you can afford than just the price of a house or condo....
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Top Five Home Buying Myths Busted
Buying a home is the American dream, but for many people it’s one they fear will never happen. Aft...
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Mortgage Shopping? You Can Score a Lower Rate with Points.
You see it whenever you check mortgage rates: “zero points,” “1 point,” “2 points.” What...
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Don’t Let a Fixer-Upper Become a Fixer-Downer
If you watch home improvement shows, you know that “fixer-upper” houses come with surprises insi...
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Finding a Real Estate Agent Who Understands Your Needs
The process of buying or selling a home can be intimidating, but with a few steps, you can build you...
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One Percent: What Difference Can It Make to Your Mortgage?
If the price of a gallon of milk goes down 1%, that’s an extra three or four cents you’re saving...
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When Does Refinancing Make Sense?
Should you refinance your home mortgage? Refinancing has its pros and cons—but, under the right ci...
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Which Projects Add the Most Value to Your Home?
Answer These Two Questions for Insights: The answer lies in your answers to two more questions: 1. ...
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