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About Pen Air

At Pen Air Federal Credit Union respect is a guiding principle. An unshakeable belief in dreams and the can-do attitudes that make them real. As the largest and oldest local credit union in Pensacola, Florida with $1.9 billion in assets, we are dedicated to enhancing lives through exceptional service, strength and financial solutions. We currently have 15 locations in Northwest Florida and Southeast Alabama. We are a not-for-profit, member-owned financial institution, serving our community since 1936.

Mission Statement

Enhancing lives through exceptional service, strength & financial solutions

Statistical Highlights

As of August 31, 2020

Assets $1,998,295,222

Loans $1,031,932,119

Total Deposits $1,708,723,837

Total Members 113,628

Annual Report

Vision Statement

Be the financial services provider and employer of choice through our commitment to:

  • A culture of TRUST and RESPECT
  • A team of ENGAGED and KNOWLEDGEABLE professionals
  • Timely, accurate and PERSONALIZED SERVICE
  • Financial STRENGTH and STABILITY
  • Organizational EFFICIENCY

Core Values

Serve First

Members come first – plain and simple. We take care of each other and always put the needs of others and our community first.

Solution Seekers

We value innovation and creativity. The right solution matters and doing the legwork to find it is part of the job.


A sense of Community and Generosity are two qualities we value highly. We are humbly generous with our time, talents and sponsorships throughout the communities we serve.


We are dependable, honest and knowledgeable. We are passionate and optimistic. We engage our members and value integrity.

About Pen Air Management

Board of Directors

  • Robert Jacobson, Chair
  • Stephanie Oram, Vice Chair
  • Ann McCall, Treasurer
  • Randy Roy, Secretary
  • Don Bailey, Director
  • Gerald Adcox, Interim Director
  • Darryl W. Johnson, Interim Director
  • Vann Goodloe, Director Emeritus

Supervisory Committee

  • Ricky Crews, Chair
  • Randy Smith, Vice Chair
  • Kevin Krieger
  • Michael Hamlin

Executive Team

  • Carroll Scarborough, Interim President/CEO
  • Angie Betts, EVP/Chief Operations Officer
  • Ryan Ross, EVP / Chief Administrative Officer
  • Shirley Harris, SVP/Chief Financial Officer
  • Dana Mullins, SVP/Chief People Officer
  • Galen Counselman, SVP/Chief Information Officer